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Grow your business!

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Successful people, such as Warren Buffett , Bill Gates, Richard Branson and numerous others, point to public speaking as the most valuable business skill for building one's career.


Their reasoning is that being able to effectively engage, inspire and persuade your audience gives you a decided advantage.


Imagine the success you'll enjoy when you master public speaking. Learn more ...

Increase employee satisfaction!

Reduce turnover!

Add to your bottom line!


What will it mean to your company when the executives and managers are more confident, more persuasive and consistently deliver more compelling presentations?


Public speaking skills have a significant effect on one's success, and inherently, on the company's success as well. It's because of this fact that your executives and managers must possess excellent presentation abilities.

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Master the art of public speaking!

Develop your skills!

Increase your professional success!


Are you willing to forfeit the success you've worked so hard for?


Are you going to let others get the next promotion, prized client or sale?


In this mastermind group, you have your opportunity to master the art of public speaking in a non-threatening, enjoyable atmosphere.

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"Simply stated, Peter is phenomenal."

 - Deborah Viveiros, Webster Bank

I know what you're going through. I've been there!

presentation skills, presentations, speaker, coach, trainer, tedx, public speakingAre you petrified of speaking in public? Well, I used to be scared stiff.


Are you wondering how to engage, inspire and persuade an audience? I used to wonder about that, too.


You see, I know what you're going through. I've been there!


Having been on the wrong end of an auto/pedestrian accident when I was eight and almost losing my life, to dealing with a lisp and a stutter throughout my childhood, to being shy and introverted, I definitely know what it's like to avoid communication. I also know how important it is to your career and success to have strong public speaking and presentation skills.


It's because of this that I have dedicated my career to helping others. And I want to help you use powerful public speaking skills so you can be calm, confident and credible every time you deliver a presentation.


How do I know I can help you? Remember ... I've been there. And now I'm here for you!


See more of my story ...


"By working with Peter, I was able to develop and refine not only my message, but also my voice, my body language and what I wanted the audience to take away with them. All of this provided me with the ability to confidently connect with the audience and effectively articulate my ideas."

 - Jim Mullowney, CEO, Pharma-Cycle

Speaker at Your Next Event

Selecting a speaker is a daunting task. Let's face it, the success of your upcoming event will not be the result of having a quality speaker. It will be the result of having the right speaker — one who combines powerful speaking skills and strong body language with a message that resonates with your audience.


Having delivered keynotes and other presentations to more than 40,000 people in the 48 contiguous states, five countries and at sea, Peter is known for his engaging, inspiring and humorous presentation style that focuses on the audience. As a result, your audience members walk away with actionable ideas and the confidence to pursue them.


Peter is able to present both keynotes and workshops on the topics below for audiences of all sizes.



Public Speaking: It's Not a Soft Skill; It's the Power Skill You Need

Your audience members learn how to build their public speaking confidence and skills, allowing them to consistently deliver compelling presentations that engage, inspire and persuade. With this information, your audience members are equipped to achieve greater success and be the obvious choice when it comes to that next big promotion or attracting more clients. Of course, this presentation is tailored to accommodate your group and goals.



Use Your Voice: Don't Let Anything Hold You Back

Your students are inspired as I share the irony that is my life story. After getting a second chance at life, dealing with an almost debilitating level of shyness and overcoming two speech impediments, I have spent my adult life in communications. Delivered by someone who has been there, my dynamic and often humorous presentation encourages your students to overcome obstacles and go after what they want in life.



"Peter is giving people the power to move toward the success they have always striven to achieve."

 - Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder, BNI

What they're saying ...

"Peter's ability to connect with his clients on a personal and empathic level changes what might be thought of as a dreary task into a friendly collaboration with a skilled professional — and everyone benefits in the end. As a public speaking coach, his extensive experience, acuity and perception allow him to see things you may have never considered, which makes for a markedly improved delivery of your key ideas. Peter's anecdotal and engaging teaching style is well-suited to subtly imparting key bits of wisdom and professional insight that he’s garnered over the years. For those looking to refine your message, voice and body language, and in doing so, better captivate and influence your audience, I highly recommend that you retain Peter's services."

- Sam Birger, President

- Nomenon


"Peter know his stuff — up, down, sideways and inside out."

- Steve Mason

- Steve Mason Photography


"Peter is a first class speaker and coach. He has full command of the basics and an endless bag of tricks to teach them to you. There is not a challenge a speaker could have that Peter can not assist with. I have been on the receiving end of Peter's coaching and cannot adequately express how much he has helped me improve my public speaking ability. No matter your current ability, Peter can help you achieve things you never thought possible."

- Lauren Langton


"Simply stated, Peter is phenomenal."

- Deborah Viveiros

- Webster Bank


"When preparing for an important presentation, I wanted to be sure I had the best opportunity to engage my audience. By working with Peter, I was able to develop and refine not only my message, but also my voice, my body language and what I wanted the audience to take away with them. All of this provided me with the ability to confidently connect with the audience and effectively articulate my ideas. Whether you are an experienced speaker or fairly new to delivering talks, I highly recommend you consult with Peter before you deliver any meaningful presentation."

- Jim Mullowney, CEO

- Pharma-Cycle


"Peter is giving people the power to move toward the success they have always striven to achieve."

- Dr. Ivan Misner

- Founder of BNI

- New York Times Bestselling Author


"Peter is one of the most motivated individuals I know. When he takes on the task of helping you achieve a goal in your business, such as being a great public speaker, he puts in the work to take you to the next level. Do you want results? ... Then hire Peter."

- Steve Medeiros, Realtor

- Keller Williams


Alayne White Spas

Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce

American Marketing Association

American Massage Therapist Association


AMP-RI (Advertising, Marketing, PR Club of Rhode Island)


Andersen Windows

Arnold Lumber

Bethany DiPetrillo, Raise the Bar Nutrition

Boston University

Boston Wedding Group

Bristol Community College

Business Network International

Carly Paiva, ACN

Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce

Connecticut Chiropractic Association

Co-operative Insurance Companies

Cranston Chamber of Commerce

Event Professionals Think Tank

Executives Association of Rhode Island

Gary "Tiger" Balletto

Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

Hope for Life International

Johnson & Wales University

Jim Paiva, Elite Auto Repair

Julian Mueller, Ph.D

Living Well Coaching

Larry Cicero, Revenue Recovery Energy Group NE

Lopco Contracting

Nathan Reynolds

National Association of Women in Construction

New Bedford Chamber of Commerce

Ocean State Small Business Expo

Priority Payment Systems Northeast

Professional Women In Building


Realtor Association of Southeastern Massachusetts

RED Talks

Rhode Island Alliance of Professional Coaches

Rhode Island Builders Association

Rhode Island Holistic Healers Association

Rhode Island Wedding Group

Ryan Antrop, Antrop & Williamson at Residential Properties

Sandy Coletta, The Owl Approach


Southern New England Association of Professional Disc Jockeys

Sprout Coworking Rhode Island

Susan Lataille, Discover You Events

TEDx Newport

Tri-State Business Expo

Free Presentation Tips

      BAD: Being at a meeting where people are thinking, “I’ll never get this time back.”

WORSE: Being at a meeting where people are thinking, “I’ll never get this time back.” And YOU are the presenter!

 GREAT: By working together, we make sure you're not THAT public speaker.

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