Be Calm, Confident, and Credible® Every Time You Speak

Being an expert in your field won’t matter if you lack dynamic public speaking skills.


Unless you master the magical blend of art and science that is public speaking, you will likely continue to struggle, be embarrassed when (and after) you speak, and miss out on valuable opportunities. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can be the speaker you’ve been striving to be!

How will you feel when you are the speaker you want to be?


Imagine how you will feel when you can create and deliver compelling messages that resonate with your listeners. What will it mean for you to make a difference in their lives and your own?

Become a better speaker and change your life


Being a better speaker provides many benefits. You communicate more effectively, clearly, and concisely. Others are more engaged when you speak. You develop greater confidence — a confidence that extends into the other aspects of your life! Schedule a consultation now, and let’s see how we can make this happen for you!

Don’t go it alone

You want to be as successful, but to do that, you need to confidently communicate your knowledge, concepts, and objectives. The problem is that you do not have the public speaking skills you need, which leaves you frustrated and struggling. I know how you feel; I’ve been there.


I believe you should enjoy the success you deserve, and I can help you quickly and systematically develop powerful public speaking skills.


By working with me:

  • You get training based on your needs; it’s not one size fits all.
  • You learn more in less time; you don’t have to spend hours searching the web, reading books, and watching videos.
  • You know what you’re doing is working; you don’t have to wonder and doubt yourself.


You can stop struggling; be calm, confident, and credible and achieve the success you’ve been striving for.

What’s next

free public speaking consultation

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Schedule your FREE consultation

be a better public speaker

Step 2

Develop your public speaking skills in an enjoyable, systematic way

realize your full potential

Step 3

Use your new skills to increase your impact, influence, and income!

public speaking books
  • Six-Time Award-Winning Guide to Public Speaking

  • International Business Book of the Year Runner-Up

Ready to be the speaker you strive to be?


Many people want to be speakers who captivate audiences. Few are. Nerves get in the way. A lack of knowledge gets in the way. Well-meaning but bad advice gets in the way.


Yet there are dynamic speakers. Occasionally you hear them at conferences and other events. Why do they stand out? What do those people know that you don’t?


They know what it takes.


Those dynamic speakers gained the right knowledge. Because all the practice in the world isn’t enough without that. Ordinary speakers practice too. But practicing without the right knowledge just reinforces speaking patterns that don’t work.


In The Captivating Public Speaker, you’ll learn a system of art and science that will transform your presentations. You’ll advance from an average speaker who merely informs into an exceptional one who inspires.


This award-winning book reveals my AMP’D Framework™ — the easy-to-follow system that produces engaging talks and captivating speakers.


Most public speaking books offer tips to help improve your speaking skills, but they fail to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic. However, I’ll give you the advice you need to master your craft and advance your career. Learn how to:


  • Perfect your delivery
  • Convert nerves into positive energy
  • Master storytelling
  • Infuse vocal variety
  • Let your body speak, not just your voice
  • Know which message will resonate
  • Connect with your audience before you even begin to speak


Public speaking is one of the most valuable skills you can possess. Is it your time to move beyond talking to a group of people … and into changing their lives?


In The Captivating Public Speaker, Peter captures the power of quality communication and effective public speaking in a fun and unique way that made this book readable, dynamic, and also prescriptive.”

 – Clint PulverEmmy Award-Winning Keynote Speaker

The Captivating Public Speaker does a brilliant job dissecting everything you need to consistently deliver a compelling message and share your passion/expertise with the world! If you’re looking to increase your impact through spoken word, this book is a must-read!”

Alan Stein, Jr.Keynote Speaker and Author

The Captivating Public Speaker offers you the game plan you need to not only stand in front of a crowd but engage them with confidence and leave them wanting more.”

Jeff Belanger, Emmy-nominated host on PBS, and author