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While numerous speakers possess remarkable stage presence and deliver a plethora of information to their audiences, the true measure of their effectiveness lies in their ability to enact meaningful transformation. Unfortunately, only a small fraction achieves this.


Audiences, as well as organizations, seek speakers who can genuinely impact the lives of attendees, rather than simply offering facts and figures that, while intriguing, fail to leave a lasting impression.


With over 35 years of experience addressing audiences across platforms in over 50 countries and all 48 contiguous states, Peter stands out for his capacity to empower individuals to become better speakers and to instill greater confidence within them.


Peter delivers his conversational and friendly style with respect and empathy, ensuring your audience members remain engaged and acquire actionable skills they can apply right away.


Quick Reference

  • Speaking for 37 years in more than 50 countries and the 48 contiguous states
  • Has spoken to more than 300,000 audience members
  • Delivers engaging keynotes, and facilitates breakouts and workshops
  • Author of the multi-award-winning The Captivating Public Speaker
  • Creator of the AMP’D Framework™
  • TEDx Coach
  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Board member of the New England Speakers Association

Which of Peter’s Programs Aligns with Your Event?


Why your members need this presentation

Association executive directors face numerous challenges in today’s rapidly changing landscape. Navigating these challenges requires strong leadership, strategic vision, and effective collaboration with stakeholders both within and outside the association.


This collaboration requires more than knowledge and experience. It demands executive directors who can effectively communicate with those both inside and outside their organizations.


Unfortunately, many executive directors do not possess truly powerful and effective public speaking skills. Even worse, many of these leaders believe they are excellent speakers, further undermining their efforts and potential for success.


How your members are transformed

In this captivating keynote, attendees understand how developing exceptional public speaking abilities enables them to:

  • Communicate their association’s mission effectively
  • Secure more funding
  • Inspire stakeholders
  • Attract new members
  • Retain current members
  • Encourage greater participation
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Passionately advocate for their cause
  • Constantly demonstrate strong leadership


Book Peter and your members will mark this presentation as the moment they began their journey toward becoming more productive and effective association executives.

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Why your members need this presentation

Many consultants struggle to consistently attract new clients. One of the major reasons for this is because they don’t stand out in a crowded market. As a result, many potential clients struggle to differentiate between consultants offering similar services.


Compounding this, many consultants struggle with low visibility or awareness of their services among potential clients, making it even more difficult to attract enough of the right clients.


Regrettably, many consultants continue to employ ineffective strategies and tactics, leaving them frustrated, broke, or looking for another profession.


How your members are transformed

In this enlightening keynote session, attendees discover how speaking to their target audiences is such a powerful strategy, resulting in the opportunity to:

  • Differentiate themselves in a crowded market
  • Demonstrate their expertise
  • Have prospects self-select
  • Increase their marketing ROI
  • Reduce client acquisition costs
  • Access decision makers
  • Build a brand
  • Establish credibility
  • Fill their pipeline


Book Peter and empower your members to be more successful and confident.

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In the contemporary business landscape, competition is fierce, and expectations are soaring. Consequently, mastering public speaking and presentation skills has become more crucial to one’s career than ever before, whether addressing professional audiences, commanding the stage, or pitching to clients.


Regrettably, many professionals lack the expertise to deliver impactful presentations that truly resonate with their audience, often hindering their potential for success.


In this enlightening breakout session, participants will acquire the know-how to develop and deliver presentations that transcend the conventional approach of mere information dissemination. They will gain insights into crafting presentations that captivate, persuade, and motivate their listeners.


By mastering these techniques, attendees will bolster their self-assurance and proficiency when speaking in front of others, ultimately enhancing their overall effectiveness in professional settings.


How your members are transformed

  • Learn how to convey confidence even before beginning to speak
  • Understand how to format presentations that deliver maximum results
  • Know how to engage, persuade, and inspire audience members (whether it’s 1, 12 or 1,200 people)
  • Grab the audience’s from the very start
  • Learn how to use one’s voice as the most powerful communication tool
  • See how easy it is to move the audience seamlessly through each part of your presentation
  • Add a simple technique vastly improves every presentation
  • Master the “secret” to presentations that resonate with listeners
  • Eradicate those annoying “umms,” “ahs,” and other distracting fillers
  • Learn how to use body language to support words and voice


Book Peter and your members will leave your event with actionable items they can implement immediately.

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Whether the attendees find themselves breaking into sweats just contemplating speaking in public, experiencing mental blocks mid-presentation, or missing out on career advancements due to fear of addressing colleagues in business meetings, this program is designed to help them conquer their fear of public speaking.


By the end of this engaging session, attendees will envision a future where they can confidently seize opportunities to advance their careers and where the fear of freezing up in front of an audience becomes a thing of the past.


How your members are transformed

  • Discover the reason they (and just about everyone else) get nervous when speaking in public
  • Learn how to turn their anxiety into positive energy
  • Gain greater confidence in their speaking skills and themselves
  • Learn the secret to being more confident when presenting
  • See how to implement this secret when speaking to one person or 100 people
  • Be able to take advantage of speaking opportunities that advance their careers


Book Peter and your members will have the confidence to take on one of their biggest challenges.

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