Do you want a speaker who merely informs your audience or one who transforms them?

A speaker who transforms your audience!

There are many speakers with excellent stage presence who provide audiences with a wealth of information. But how many of them actually transform the audience members? Relatively few, and that’s a problem.


Audiences (and organizations) want to invest their time and money in a speaker who makes a difference in the lives of the audience members, not someone who merely spouts facts and information that, although interesting, ultimately doesn’t make a difference.


Peter is known for presentations that transform his audiences, showing them how to deliver more effective presentations. His conversational, friendly style ensures that audience members take away new skills they can implement immediately.


Have Peter speak at your next conference, annual meeting, summit, or retreat, and your audience members will appreciate two things: 1) the valuable skills they can immediately put into use and 2) that you brought Peter in to make a difference in their lives.

Which of Peter’s presentations aligns with your event?



In today’s business atmosphere, competition is uncompromising, and expectations are high. Accordingly, public speaking and presentation skills are more critical to one’s career than ever before — whether presenting in professional situations, speaking on stage, or selling to clients.


However, most business people don’t know how to deliver compelling presentations that affect others. Unfortunately, this often leads to not reaching one’s full potential.


In this breakout, attendees learn how to develop and deliver presentations that go beyond the traditional information dump. They’ll understand how to craft presentations that engage, persuade, and inspire listeners.


As a result, they’ll have more confidence in themselves and their abilities when speaking in front of others.


How the audience is transformed

  • Learn how to convey confidence even before you begin to speak
  • Understand how to format presentations that deliver maximum results
  • Know how to engage, persuade, and inspire audience members (whether it’s 1, 12 or 1,200 people)
  • Grab your audience from the moment you begin
  • Learn how to use your voice as your most powerful communication tool
  • See how easy it is to move your audience seamlessly through each part of your presentation
  • Add a simple technique vastly improves your presentations
  • Master the “secret” to presentations that resonate with your listeners
  • Eradicate those annoying “umms,” “ahs,” and other distracting fillers
  • Learn how to use body language to support your words and voice



Whether you break into sweats at the mere thought of speaking in front of others, go blank in the middle of presentations, or miss out on promotions because you are petrified of presenting in business meetings, this program helps you overcome your fear of public speaking.


Imagine what it will be like to no longer avoid opportunities that would move your career forward — to never again freeze when you speak in front of a crowd.


How the audience is transformed

  • Discover the reason you (and just about everyone else) get nervous when speaking in public
  • Learn how to turn your anxiety into positive energy
  • Gain greater confidence in your speaking skills and yourself
  • Learn the secret to being more confident when presenting
  • See how to implement this secret when speaking to one person or 100 people
  • Be able to take advantage of speaking opportunities that advance your career

What’s next

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Step 3

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