Engage Your Audience With a Public Speaking Benefits Package

engage your audience



Whether you’re speaking to one person, 10, or 1,000, grabbing your audience’s attention from the very beginning is recommended. Actually, it’s essential. Without doing so, you’re not going to be able to serve your listeners as effectively as you could.


In this short article, you’re going to learn how to – after grabbing your audience’s attention – keep them engaged as you get into the core of your presentation. Doing so benefits you, your presentation, and most of all your audience.


Directly after delivering your attention-grabbing opening (usually a sentence or two), offer your audience a benefits package. Of course, you’re not going to be providing healthcare and vacation time. Instead, this benefits package provides your audience with three things. 1) How long your presentation is going to be. 2) What they are going to learn. 3) How they benefit from your presentation. As a matter of fact, it’s very much like the paragraph above.


Here’s how it might go


Over the next 20 minutes, you are going to learn (see, discover) several easy-to-implement time management ideas so you can get more done in less time and have more time for yourself.


Feel free to replace “learn” with “see,” “discover,” or other word that’s comfortable for you. Since most of us are visual, I use “see,” even though I seldom use slides.


You not I


Did you notice that the second part of the benefits pakage does not read, “I am going talk about”? If it did, your talk would be speaker-centric when, to be most engaging, you want it to be audience-centric. It’s a small change that makes a great deal of difference.


Be sure to implement this benefits package in any presentation, no matter the length. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your listeners.


Peter George

As a public speaking coach, Peter helps executives, attorneys, and other professionals be confident every time they speak in front of others — whether they are presenting in professional situations, speaking on stage, or selling to prospects. As a result, they have a greater opportunity to realize their full potential and enjoy the success they deserve.

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