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Selecting a speaker is a daunting task


Let’s face it, the success of your upcoming event will not be the result of having a quality speaker. It will be the result of having the right speaker — one who combines powerful speaking skills and a message that resonates with your audience. (And the speaker who has your back.)


Having delivered keynotes, workshops and other presentations to more than 60,000 people in six countries, the 48 contiguous states and at sea, I am known for having an engaging, inspiring and humorous presentation style that focuses on the audience. As a result, your audience members walk away with actionable ideas and the confidence to pursue them.


Opportunities include:


  • Annual meetings
  • Conferences
  • Retreats



  • Annual conferences
  • Meetings
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Top 3 Public Speaking Skills Professionals Need to Master



Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Richard Branson point to public speaking as the most valuable business skill for building a career. In fact, Warren Buffet stated that having strong public speaking skills increases one’s value in business as much as 50%. This presentation shows your audience members how to build their public speaking confidence and skills, allowing them to consistently deliver compelling presentations that engage, persuade and inspire. As a result, they know how to unleash their success multiplier and achieve greater success throughout their careers. 


Audience members learn the why and the how, taking away with them numerous practical and easy-to-implement tips that will make a positive difference when communicating with others. 


This is the keynote that provides value all audience members can and will implement. As a result, they’ll have greater opportunity to realize their full potential and enjoy the success they’ve been striving for.


Key points

  • Confidence is key
  • Being an effective presenter is essential to greatest value
  • Having strong communication skills set you apart from your competition


Key takeaways

  • The part of your message that makes all the difference
  • The key to using your voice to keep others engaged
  • The simple way to connect with others

The Secret to Developing a Powerful Personal Brand



Personal branding is a hot topic, and when considering their personal brand, people often focus on business related factors, such as knowledge, preparedness, how they treat others, etc. Other things they take take account of include their clothing, vehicles, watches, pens, and a near endless list of ancillary items and qualities.


One of the most powerful aspects of their personal band, however, is often left to happenstance — one’s ability to effectively communicate with others. It’s not something that can be hidden. It’s not something that can be faked.


Key points

  • When you deliver a presentation, opinions — favorable or otherwise — are immediately formed
  • These opinions include what others believe your level of professionalism and expertise to be, if you’re a strong leader (or not) and whether they would want to do business with you (or not).
  • To develop a formidable personal brand, meaningful public speaking and presentation skills must be part of your recipe


Key takeaways

  • Have you consciously developed personal brand?
  • Is you personal brand in alignment with your desires/needs?
  • Do your business associates / clients / customers and you all agree on your brand and what it conveys?