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Peter George Speaker and Public Speaking Coach

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As an international speaker, public speaking coach, and award-winning author, Peter George helps students and professionals master the art of public speaking so they can increase their impact, influence, and income.


Peter’s professional journey differs from what he or anyone else would have expected. Throughout his childhood, he struggled with a lisp and stuttering. Consequently, he grew up shy and introverted, avoiding communicating with others as much as possible.


When he entered the business world, however, Peter quickly realized that his lack of public speaking skills kept him at a disadvantage. So, he turned to public speaking coaches for help and now credits them for much of his business success.


For over three decades, Peter has shared his public speaking expertise in more than 50 countries. Through keynotes, breakouts, and training sessions, he has empowered students and professionals from around the corner to those in some of the world’s most prominent organizations.


Peter’s book, The Captivating Public Speaker: How to Engage, Impact, and Inspire Your Audience Every Time, has earned six awards, including the 2023 International Business Book of the Year runner-up. At this time, he is writing a “student edition” of the book.


Peter is also a TEDx Coach.


When he’s not busy coaching others, Peter enjoys traveling, kayaking, attending sporting events, and spending time with his wife and best friend, Jeanne. The other loves of his life include basset hounds, his Mustang, and his guitars.


I am thrilled that Peter is with us today, as he has some great ideas to share that you can implement immediately.


Let’s give Peter a warm [insert your organization’s name] welcome.



• Public speaker (37 years)

• Public speaking coach (19 years)

• Author of the 6-time award-winning book The Captivating Public Speaker

• Creator of the AMP’D Framework™

• TEDx coach

A/V REQUIREMENTS (if possible)


  • Peter uses a MacBook Pro laptop and uses Keynote for his slides and carries all necessary Mac cables, adapters, and dongles.
  • LCD projector and screen (12′ minimum for breakouts and meetings; 20′ minimum for general sessions).
  • Wireless lavaliere or headset microphone (for rooms of 30 or more attendees) as he prefers to move about the room freely.



  • Assembly Keynotes
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Workshops and Seminars



  • Program Customization: Through his interview process, Peter strives to engage his audiences and share actionable advice. By learning a bit about their everyday business lives and specific industry-wide challenges, he targets his comments to their particular needs. He reads your industry publications (when you provide them) and talks to numerous prospective attendees.
  • Attire: Peter dresses for the occasion: business suit, black tie, or casual, depending on your theme. Let him know, and he will accommodate your needs.
  • Travel: Peter travels from Providence, RI (PVD) for venues outside New England and typically covers his domestic travel expenses.
  • Lodging: Please reserve a hotel room billed to your master account. Peter prefers king/non-smoking when possible.
  • Presentation Time: Peter does not present during meal functions.
  • Deposits: A deposit of 50% of the speaking fee locks in your desired presentation date.

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