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Transforming students’ lives!


While there is a seemingly an endless line of speakers who address college and high school audiences, only a small percentage succeed in truly transforming students. This scarcity presents a notable challenge for administrators because students seek speakers who are both engaging and capable of effecting a meaningful difference in their lives. Peter is in this small group of speakers.


Confidence did not come easy to Peter


While in school, Peter struggled to find confidence despite doing well academically and being a three-sport athlete. His childhood lisp and stutter left him with deep-seated insecurities that persisted even after those impediments waned before he entered high school.


He appeared aloof and unfriendly to his peers, a facade he meticulously maintained to mask his inner turmoil. His lack of self-assurance eventually affected his academic performance, as he hesitated to seek assistance or submit assignments, convinced they would fall short.


Having grappled with self-doubt firsthand, Peter empathizes with students facing similar struggles. In his presentations, he adopts a warm and approachable demeanor, fostering an atmosphere of understanding and encouragement. Through his relatable delivery, he equips students with practical skills they can immediately apply, ensuring their engagement and empowerment.


Quick Reference


  • Overcame a lisp and a stutter
  • Was painfully shy and introverted
  • Speaking for 37 years in more than 50 countries and the 48 contiguous states
  • Has spoken to more than 300,000 audience members
  • Delivers engaging presentations that transform students
  • Has trained speakers, athletes, and executives & managers at Fortune 10 companies
  • Author of the 6-time award-winning The Captivating Public Speaker
  • Creator of the AMP’D Framework™
  • TEDx Coach
  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Board Member of the New England Speakers Association

Peter’s most requested presentation


Are your students equipped with the confidence necessary to excel academically and in daily life?


As you know, students experiencing a lack of confidence often find themselves hindered in their learning, engaging less with peers, exhibiting lower attendance rates, and grappling with mental health challenges.


This underscores the vital importance of nurturing public speaking abilities among your students. Such development fosters confidence, enabling them to communicate proficiently, lead assertively, and contribute positively to their communities and beyond.


In this presentation:


Peter starts by sharing his “why” — first recounting his growing up with a lisp and stutter, tremendous fear of public speaking, and well-hidden lack of confidence. He then goes on to explain how he discovered the power of public speaking and moved beyond his fears.


He proceeds to demonstrate how students can reshape their lives through a shift in mindset and the adoption of straightforward, easy-to-implement public speaking techniques.


Naturally, Peter allocates time for a question and answer segment, enabling students to seek guidance tailored to their individual circumstances.


Your students will take away from this engaging presentation:


– Enhanced Communication Skills

– Students learn to express themselves more effectively on both the conscious and unconscious levels.


– Greater Confidence

– Students approach tasks positively, improving motivation, concentration, and overall academic achievement. 


– Reduced Anxiety

– Students discover how to present with a sense of calmness and assurance.


– Increased Resilience

– Students are equipped with the resilience to overcome setbacks and challenges, fostering a growth mindset and a willingness to persist when facing obstacles.


– Positive Self-Image

– Students develop a sense of self-worth and belief in their abilities.


– A Foundation for Lifelong Success

– Students understand that public speaking skills help them navigate future challenges, pursue their aspirations, and thrive in various endeavors.

Consider “The Confidence Code” presentation for your:

  • School assembly
  • Leadership academy
  • Staff development day
  • District seminar/event
  • Student/educator leadership conference
  • Welcome back/appreciation event
  • Student/Educator orientation activity
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“Changed the way I think about public speaking”


“Your presentation changed the way I think about public speaking. I know it will take practice, but I look forward to implementing and mastering some of your suggested techniques. Thank you for your time and insights!”


Sarah Dasher

Graduate Student, Boston University

high schools college speakers

“Speaking to you and you only”


“I had the pleasure of having Peter speak at my organization’s inaugural conference. The students’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive! He did a fantastic job — engaging and imparting his wisdom to the audience. I found myself taking his many tips, too. Peter has the incredible ability to make it feel as if he is speaking to you and you only — even if there are a thousand other people present.”


Sahana Kaur

Executive Director

Youth Empowerment For All Conference

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“Always very enlightening”


“It is always very enlightening and informative when I attend a presentation given by Peter. I have heard him speak several times and always continue to learn new tips to make me a better communicator.  I appreciate him presenting to our entrepreneurs so that they can excel at promoting their businesses.”


Beth Carter

Executive Director

Rhode Island Business Competition

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“More confidence to speak in front of a group”


“I’m so happy to learn from you! Your lesson about presentation and public speaking is exactly what we need. As an international student, English is not my first language, so sometimes I need more confidence to speak in front of a group. Your suggestions are really useful to me!”


Mu He

Haidian District, Beijing, China

Graduate Student, Boston University

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