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I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there!


Do you want to engage audiences and have fun doing it?


Do you feel like you have somethng special to offer others and are willing to do the work necessary to make that happen?


Do you wonder why some people seem to be naturally-talented presenters, while others (maybe you) seem to struggle? I used to wonder about that, too.


You see, I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there!


Throughout my childhood, I dealt with a lisp and a stutter. Consequently, I grew up to be shy and introverted, avoiding communicating with others as much as possible.


Then I got into the business world and quickly learned how important it is to one’s career, success, and pride to have strong public speaking and presentation skills. And I got the help I needed.


What a difference! I learned how to develop presentations that not only engage people but also resonate with them. I learned how to use my voice and body language to support and enhance my messages. I finally had the skills I needed. Perhaps even more important, I had new-found confidence. My career took off, and I’ve never looked back!


It’s because of this that I have dedicated my career to helping others who want to be calm, confident, and credible every time they speak in public . And I want to help you use these powerful skills so you too can increase you, impact, influence, and income!


My speaking experience

I have been speaking to audiences for more than 25 years. This includes people in six countries and in the 48 contiguous states. My audiences have ranged from as high as 2,000 to as few as two daring soles who braved a blizzard.


For more than 15 years, I have helped others develop into speakers who positively affect others — who understand how to craft and deliver presentations that engage and inspire.


My clients include experienced and aspiring speakers, executives, attorneys, entrepreneurs and other professionals. I have also been the office public speaking coach for one TEDx and worked with speakers in two others.


My greatest thrill comes when I see the transformation my clients go through and the confidence they gain in various aspects of their lives as they become more powerful, more effective public speakers and communicators.


How do I know I can help you? Remember … I’ve been there. And now I’m here for you! Don’t push this back any longer. Let’s get started now.

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