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Whether you are an experienced speaker who wants to sharpen your skills to the point of being extraordinary or a novice speaker who wants to develop the fundamental principles of speaking in public, you will find The Captivating Public Speaker to be an indispensable resource and trusted companion.


In this comprehensive guide, you follow a systematic, easy-to-implement approach that addresses public speaking on both the conscious and unconscious levels, providing you with the most significant opportunity to engage your audiences and make a difference in their lives and yours.


foreword by Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chief Visionary of BNI



What other speakers and authors are saying about The Captivating Speaker


As a full-time professional speaker, I know firsthand what it takes – on and off the stage – to share your message with the world. And it ain’t easy! It takes immeasurable preparation and immense dedication to the craft. But my goodness is it worth it! The Captivating Public Speaker does a brilliant job dissecting everything you need to consistently deliver a compelling message and share your passion/expertise with the world! If you’re looking to increase your impact through spoken word, this book is a must-read!”

– Alan Stein, Jr.

   Keynote Speaker

   Author of Raise Your Game & Sustain Your Game


Many public speaking books focus on the skills needed for a good delivery. Peter chose to focus on something far more important – the audience. It’s wonderful to see the audience come first in this practical and step-by-step approach to becoming a captivating public speaker.”

– Chris Fenning

   Author of the best-selling communications skills book, The First Minute


There is no better form of marketing or communicating a message than a great speech. Peter George has made it easy to follow the formula to “captivating.” A must-read!”

– Jane Atkinson

   Bestselling Author, The Wealthy Speaker 2.0


Public speaking can be a frightening, nauseating, harrowing, anxiety-producing, and daunting experience… yet it’s the most effective way to connect who and what you are with many people at once. It’s an opportunity to share yourself and what you know with others; to form a bond and a human connection that lasts long after your applause dies down. Once you have a plan on how to address an audience and a little experience, you may find public speaking is addicting. Peter George’s book, The Captivating Public Speaker, offers you the game plan you need to not only stand in front of a crowd but engage them with confidence and leave them wanting more.”

– Jeff Belanger

   Emmy-nominated host of New England Legends on PBS, and author of The Call of Kilimanjaro: Finding Hope Above the Clouds


Would you like to accelerate your public speaking skills while simultaneously laying a solid foundation so that every one of your future speeches connects with and persuades your audience? If so, you can do no better than investing in Peter George’s new book The Captivating Public Speaker: How to Engage, Impact, and Inspire Your Audiences.

I’m a professional speaker and speaking skills trainer. I own over 150 books on the topic, most of which offer a few useful tips, but fall short of providing an in-depth understanding of the topic. Peter’s book is the rare exception that offers insights into every aspect of transforming yourself into a captivating communicator. From understanding why public speaking is a vital business skill to developing and creating a positive speaking mindset to crafting a meaningful message and delivering in your authentic voice, this book provides each step of the process you need.

Use the book as your template for captivating speaking, and you will become a skilled speaker people want to hear, whether you’re in-person or online.

“The Captivating Public Speaker: How to Engage, Impact, and Inspire Your Audiences now has a prominent position in my speaking library. I consider it a valuable tool to improve my and my clients’ speeches.”

– Michael Davis

   Author of THE Book On Storytelling and Stop Telling Just ANY Story 

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