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Foreword by Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI


Paperback  •  Kindle

Hardcover  •  Audible coming soon

Ready to be the speaker you strive to be?


Many people want to be speakers who captivate audiences. Few are. Nerves get in the way. A lack of knowledge gets in the way. Well-meaning but bad advice gets in the way.


Yet there are dynamic speakers. Occasionally you hear them at conferences and other events. Why do they stand out? What do those people know that you don’t?


They know what it takes.


Those dynamic speakers gained the right knowledge. Because all the practice in the world isn’t enough without that. Ordinary speakers practice too. But practicing without the right knowledge just reinforces speaking patterns that don’t work.


In The Captivating Public Speaker, you’ll learn a system of art and science that will transform your presentations. You’ll advance from an average speaker who merely informs into an exceptional one who inspires.


This award-winning book reveals my AMP’D Framework™ — the easy-to-follow system that produces engaging talks and captivating speakers.


Most public speaking books offer tips to help improve your speaking skills, but they fail to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic. However, I’ll give you the advice you need to master your craft and advance your career. Learn how to:


  • Perfect your delivery
  • Convert nerves into positive energy
  • Master storytelling
  • Infuse vocal variety
  • Let your body speak, not just your voice
  • Know which message will resonate
  • Connect with your audience before you even begin to speak


Public speaking is one of the most valuable skills you can possess. Is it your time to move beyond talking to a group of people … and into changing their lives?

People are raving about The Captivating Public Speaker


The Captivating Public Speaker is simply the best book out there on public speaking, bar none.”  – Judy Rodman, Leading Nashville Voice Coach


“I have read numerous books on public speaking and The Captivating Public Speaker stands head and shoulders above the rest. It has completely changed my approach to public speaking, and the results have been remarkable.” – Phillip Portman, Speaker & Podcast Host


“I doubt there’s a more comprehensive book on how to excel as a public speaker.” – Andrea Susan Glass, Award-Winning Ghostwriter and Bestselling Author


“It is everything that was advertised and much more.” – Marie-Hélène Fasquel, Speaker


“A love letter to creating significant impact and authentic influence.” – Clint Pulver, Emmy Award-Winning Keynote Speaker


If you’re looking to increase your impact through spoken word, this book is a must-read!” – Alan Stein, Jr., Keynote Speaker and Author of Raise Your Game


Many public speaking books focus on the skills needed for a good delivery. Peter chose to focus on something far more important – the audience.” – Chris Fenning, Author of the best-selling communications skills book, The First Minute


“Touches upon every aspect of public speaking.”  Pikasho Deka


“I love this book! My undergraduates learned so much reading this text and implementing George’s strategies.” Janelle Gagnon, Instructor, Mt. Holyoke College


Peter George has made it easy to follow the formula to “captivating.” – Jane Atkinson, Bestselling Author, The Wealthy Speaker 3.0


“Offers you the game plan you need to not only stand in front of a crowd but engage them with confidence and leave them wanting more.” – Jeff Belanger, Emmy-nominated host of New England Legends on PBS, and author of The Call of Kilimanjaro: Finding Hope Above the Clouds


You can do no better than investing in Peter George’s new book.” – Michael Davis, Author of THE Book On Storytelling


“Perfect for both beginner and veteran speakers to powerfully engage and entertain their audiences.” – Tyler Foley, Author of The Power to Speak Naked


“Sound wisdom and excellent advice in an accessible and easy-to-navigate format, always managing to walk the line between friendly and knowledgeable.”  K.C. Finn


“Guides you step-by-step through the entire process, from creating and delivering presentations to following up with event hosts and attendees.” – Matthew Pollard, Certified Speaking Professional and bestselling author of The Introvert’s Edge


“Provides a solid guideline, practical tips, and sound advice!” Susan RoAne, Keynote speaker and bestselling author of How To Work a Room


“I’ve given over 200 paid keynotes over the past six years. I wish I had The Captivating Public Speaker when I was starting.” John Rossman, Keynote Speaker & Author of The Amazon Way


“I can confidently say that this book is the single most helpful speaking resource I’ve ever encountered!”  – Alex Sanfilippo, Founder of PodMatch


“Provides a framework that elevates you to a superb speaker and transforms your presentations into compelling conversations.” – Debbie Allen, International speaker and bestselling Author of The Highly Paid Expert


“His personality and story jump from the pages, making it all the more obvious that he’s an authority in his space.” – Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr, CEO and COO of  BrandFace


“This book is the ULTIMATE resource.” – Lauren Curry, Keynote Speaker