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Public Speaking Classes in Providence, Rhode Island


How to Deliver Presentations With Confidence and Impact

In today’s business atmosphere, competition is uncompromising, and expectations are high. As a result, presentation skills are more critical to your career than ever before. 


However, if you’re like the majority of professionals, you lack the confidence to deliver presentations that engage, persuade, and inspire. And as you’ve probably realized, this affects the other areas of your professional life. It’s time for this to change! And this public speaking class is the key!


You have a decision to make when it comes to this power skill — continue to struggle in communicating your thoughts and ideas or effectively convey your messages with confidence and clarity.

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March 24; 9:00 – Noon

Providence, RI


Limited seating. Don’t miss out!

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Be confident every time you speak in public


When you attend this interactive class, you

    • Understand how to convincingly use your voice and body language to support and enhance your message
    • Learn how to convey confidence, even before you begin to speak
    • Know how to engage, persuade, and inspire audience members (whether it’s 1, 12, or 1,200 people)
    • Discover how to grab your audience from the moment you begin
    • Learn how to use your voice as your most powerful communication tool
    • Know how to add a simple technique vastly improves your presentations
    • Master the “secret” to delivering presentations that resonate with your listeners
    • Eradicate those annoying “umms,” “ahs,” and other distracting fillers.


    • $129 per person (early-bird special thru March 14)
    • Register 3 or more people from the same company and save 10%

    Who should attend

    • Executives
    • Attorneys
    • Executive directors of non-profits
    • Sales professionals
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Business owners
    • Anyone who presents in front of others


    CIC Providence

    225 Dyer St.

    Providence, RI

    If you lack confidence in your ability to deliver meaningful, engaging presentations, this is the presentation training you need!


    Don’t wait another minute. Make the decision that will change your career!

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