Engage & Persuade: Public Speaking for Attorneys

Public speaking is not a soft skill. It’s a power skill!


You know law, but do you know how to confidently engage and persuade others? Effective public speaking for attorneys is about so much more than knowing the law and how to apply it to particular situations.


People expect you, as a lawyer, to be accomplished in each aspect of your profession, and nothing is more apparent than your public speaking and presentation skills. Consequently, your ability to communicate an idea in an engaging, persuasive, and inspiring manner can be the difference between a typical career and a stellar one.


Whether you’re a seasoned partner or a junior associate, a litigator or a transactional lawyer, being a powerful and effective presenter provides an advantage that many professionals do not possess.

Partners and veteran attorneys


As a veteran attorney, and/or partner, you’ve accomplished a great deal and at a high level. Yet there’s always room for improvement, especially as communication techniques change over time!


You likely know where you need to improve, and it’s just as likely that you might not realize there are a several specific techniques keeping you from reaching the highest level.


This is the opportunity for you and/or your entire firm to take things to that next level! Let’s discuss how we can work together to get you there!

public speaking for law firms
public speaking for attorneys

Associate attorneys


It’s a simple equation. Your career can progress only as far as your skills — technical and power skills alike — will take you.


Are you confident when you speak? Are you achieving the results you’re looking for? Are you experiencing the level of success you’ve envisioned?


Discuss with your law firm’s partners or professional development manager about having this training at your office.

Discover how to

  • Turn your nervousness into positive energy.
  • Effectively engage, inspire and persuade people (whether it’s 1, 12 or 1,200).
  • Deliver presentations that have greater impact.
  • Grab attention from the moment you begin.
  • Breathe in and speak out.
  • Use your voice as a powerful communication tool that connects with people.
  • Stop using filler, such as “ah,” “umm,” “right?,” “you know,” etc.
  • Use positive body language that complements and supports your presentations.
  • Have people listen to your gestures.
  • Communicate clearly and powerfully.
  • Utilize easy-to-follow transitions that lead your audience through your presentation.
  • Implement effective rehearsal techniques that bring everything together.
attorneys public speaking training

How we work together


Individual attorneys

  1. First, we discuss where you are now and your objectives.
  2. We set up a series of sessions. These are usually five 2-hour weekly sessions. This can be customized to fit your schedule. 
  3. In these sessions, we move methodically from where you are now as a speaker/presenter to being calm, confident and credible every time you speak in front of others. Focusing on message, voice and body language, you will be able to consistently engage, persuade and/or inspire your audiences.
  4. When our sessions are completed, we continue our relationships. If you need support, I’m there for you.



  1. First, we discuss the firm’s objectives and determine a date to hold the training.
  2. The day of the training, we begin with a 1-hour general session with the group.
  3. Then each attorney has a 1-hour laser-focused one-on-one session with me.
  4. There is periodic follow-up, ensuring that the lawyers are able to best implement the techniques and ideas they’ve learned. It also provides them with the opportunity to ask for assistance on points.
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