Public Speaking for Attorneys

Speak with Confidence and Clarity

Being a successful lawyer requires more than critical thinking


  • Are you confident when you speak in front of others, or do you often struggle?
  • Do you get your point across clearly and succinctly, or do you tend to confuse your listeners?
  • Are you as effective as you want to be, or are you frustrated by your lack of public speaking skills?


As a lawyer, you are expected to be proficient beyond legal expertise alone, and nothing is more apparent than your speaking skills. Ultimately, your ability to communicate an idea in an engaging and persuasive manner can be the difference between a typical career and a stellar one.

Develop your public speaking skills and have an advantage


Public speaking for attorneys goes beyond mere legal knowledge and its application. It involves forging connections with others, exuding confidence when delivering messages, and presenting information in a way that others can understand and process it.


Whether you hold a senior partner position or are a junior associate, whether you specialize in litigation or transactional law, honing the art of impactful speaking offers a distinct advantage that not all professionals possess. It simply requires the commitment to cultivate this skill.

public speaking for young lawyers

Associate attorneys


It boils down to a straightforward equation: Your career trajectory is limited by the extent of your skills—both technical and interpersonal.


Do you exude confidence in your verbal communication? Are you attaining the desired outcomes? Are you reaching the pinnacle of success you’ve envisioned for yourself?


Let’s work together to ensure that your speaking skills enable you to excel as a lawyer to the fullest extent.

public speaking for lawyers

Partners and veteran attorneys


As an experienced lawyer or seasoned partner, you’ve undoubtedly achieved significant success at a distinguished level. However, there’s always space for enhancement, particularly as communication methods evolve over time.


While you may already have an idea of areas for improvement, there could be specific techniques hindering your progress that you haven’t yet identified.


This presents an opportunity for you to elevate your performance to the next level. Let’s explore how we can collaborate to help you achieve that.

With this training, you know how to

  • Transform your nervousness into positive energy
  • Prepare your mind and body for optimal performance
  • Be calm and confident when you speak in front of others
  • Master the art of engaging and persuading individuals (whether it’s 1, 12, or 1,200)
  • Grab attention from the moment you begin
  • Unlock the secret of effective public speaking
  • Communicate with clarity and authority
  • Employ inflection, tone, and pacing to enhance audience engagement
  • Eliminate fillers, such as “ah,” “umm,” “right?,” “you know,” etc
  • Break free from distracting habits
  • Utilize positive body language and non-verbal signals to reinforce your message
  • Gesture purposefully to amplify your communication
  • Move with intention, adding depth to your delivery
  • Employ seamless transitions to guide your audience through your presentation
  • Leverage effective rehearsal methods to perfect your performance
public speaking training for lawyers and attorneys

How we work together


We schedule a series of six 90-minute weekly sessions. They take place at either your location, my office in Providence, Rhode Island, or virtually.


In these sessions, you develop the two elements of a presentation that support message — voice and body language.


You speak with confidence, clarity, and authority and enjoy the success you deserve!