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Don’t have a steady flow of clients?


You chose to be a consultant/coach so you could help people, and that’s both a worthy and lofty goal. But, if you’re like most consultants/coaches, you struggle to consistently acquire high-quality, high-paying clients.


This is a dilemma all-too-many consultants and coaches face. Unfortunately, many never find the solution, causing them to feel unfulfilled, worry about revenue, and even close their practices. You don’t have to be one of them!

You can


One of the most effective ways – if not THE most effective way — you can develop a steady flow of clients is to implement a one-to-many strategy — speaking in front of your ideal target audiences. When you do, some of those people self-select and decide that you are the one they want to work with. It’s that simple!


But …

Even though some consultants and coaches realize that speaking in front of more prospective clients offers them the opportunity to ultimately serve more people, speaking in front of hundreds — or even thousands — of prospects won’t make a difference if you don’t know how to develop a compelling message and deliver it in an engaging manner.


And …

Similarly, you could know how to develop and deliver an incredibly effective message, but if you don’t know how to get in front of the right audiences often enough, then your presentation skills don’t matter. To attract more clients, you need to know how to do both well.

consultants speak and fill your pipeline

How important is it to you to be a successful consultant?


  • Do you want to create a signature talk that serves your audiences and demonstrates your expertise and professionalism?
  • Are you tired of chasing clients and hoping for sales?
  • Do you want to have prospects self-select you as their consultant?
  • Are you ready to be as successful as you’ve envisioned?


Then my Speak and Attract More Clients Program is for you! Along with creating your signature talk, you’ll understand how to convey your ideas, points, and stories. You’ll know how to communicate with others through your voice, gestures, body language, and timing — all the things that make a powerful, respected speaker and consultant.




Master all three elements of an engaging talk — message, voice, and body language


How you deliver your presentation is essential. What you deliver is crucial. With my Speak and Attract More Clients Program, you master all three components of an engaging talk — message, voice, body language. Not only do you understand how to deliver your messages with confidence, but you also learn the art of developing presentations that positively resonate with your audience.


When you select the Speak and Attract More Clients Program, you


Craft captivating messages that resonate with your audiences

  • Develop your point and stick to it
  • Begin with attention-grabbing openings
  • Use a benefit statement to
  • Employ the art of storytelling
  • Use simple, yet powerful techniques to keep people engaged
  • Utilize easy-to-follow transitions that lead your audience through your presentation
  • Know when and how to have Q & A sessions
  • End with compelling conclusions


Use your voice to create a more powerful impact

  • Use inflection to illustrate your points
  • Discover the importance varying pace
  • Speak larger instead of louder
  • Implement the secret to powerful presentations
  • Speak with a richer tone

Use body language for greater engagement

  • Engage your listeners
  • Move with meaning and purpose
  • Work the room
  • Employ non-verbal cues that complements your presentations
  • Use your hands to support your message
  • Eliminate distractions


Consistently delivery compelling presentations with confidence

  • Calm your nerves
  • Communicate clearly and powerfully
  • Have your audience eager to listen to you
  • Deliver greater impact and influence
  • Implement effective rehearsal techniques that bring everything together
  • Use slide decks to enrich and support your message
  • Have your audiences take action

How the program works


1. We set up a series of 8 90-minute weekly sessions. These sessions are arranged to fit your schedule.

2. In these sessions, you learn and develop three elements of a presentation that engage your audiences — message, voice, and body language.

3. When our sessions are completed, we continue our relationships. When you need ongoing support, I’m there for you.

Don’t go it alone


You want to be as successful, but to do that, you need to confidently communicate your knowledge, concepts, and objectives. The problem is that you do not have the public speaking skills you need, which leaves you frustrated and struggling. I know how you feel; I’ve been there.


I believe you should enjoy the success you deserve, and I can help you quickly and systematically develop powerful public speaking skills.


By working we me,

  • You get training based on your needs; it’s not one size fits all.
  • You learn more in less time; you don’t have to spend hours searching the web, reading books, and watching videos.
  • You know what you’re doing is working; you don’t have to wonder and doubt yourself.


You can stop struggling, consistently attract more clients, and build the business you’ve been striving for

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