“My public speaking course was arguably the best investment I made in my life.”

– Warren Buffett –

  • Could enhanced speaking skills propel your career or organization forward?

  • How does it feel to realize your presentations lack engagement, excitement, and impact?

  • How embarrassed are you about the disparity between your speaking proficiency and your other talents?

  • Do you compromise your credibility when addressing an audience?

  • Is your career advancing at the pace you anticipated, or are inadequate speaking skills acting as a barrier?

  • Are you comfortable with jeopardizing both your reputation and your potential for success?

Don’t be one of those who continue to struggle


The truth is, your presentation abilities hold greater significance now than ever before. And as you climb the corporate hierarchy, your presentation skills become increasingly pivotal. Ultimately, those adept at effectively conveying their messages, credibility, and ideas will propel their careers forward, while those lacking in this area will face ongoing challenges.


Effective presentation skills are your success multiplier


According to some experts, honing powerful and compelling presentation skills can boost your business value by up to 50 percent. However, the absence of these skills can be equally detrimental, underscoring the critical importance of mastering presentation abilities for career success.

success is a choice

See the problem?

According to Forbes, 70% of CEOs surveyed agree that presentation skills are critical for an executive’s success. Yet, Gallup polls indicate that only 13% of employees strongly agree that their leadership communicates effectively.

I know firsthand the value of presentation skills in business.


Upon entering the business world, I soon realized that my lack of presentation skills put me at a distinct disadvantage. Despite attempting to compensate in other areas, my efforts were futile, and I found myself toiling away with little progress.


Faced with a critical decision, I could either ignore my predicament and regret it later in my career, or I could actively cultivate persuasive public speaking abilities and achieve the success I envisioned. I chose the latter.


Seeking guidance, I enlisted the help of a professional public speaking coach, a decision I’m immensely grateful for. Through this partnership, I swiftly acquired the necessary skills to advance my career, achieving results far quicker than I could have on my own.


You can do the same!


For the executive striving to become a more impactful and self-assured leader


Through my Executive Presentation Program, you’ll gain mastery over the three critical components of a compelling presentation: message, voice, and body language. This comprehensive approach ensures that you learn to deliver your messages confidently and acquire the skills to consistently craft presentations that deeply resonate with and remain memorable to your audience.


Here’s how you benefit

  • Boost your confident
  • Decrease your anxiety
  • Enhance your leadership effectiveness
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers
  • Increase your value to both yourself and your company
  • Elevate your credibility
  • Increase your promotability
  • Establish your expertise
  • Expand your sphere of influence
  • Impact more people
  • Take pride in your presentation skills

You will

Craft Captivating Messages

  • Develop your point and stick to it
  • Begin with attention-grabbing openings
  • Effectively implement the transformation statement
  • Employ the art of storytelling
  • Use simple yet powerful techniques to keep people engaged
  • Utilize easy-to-follow transitions that lead your audience through your presentation
  • Know when and how to have Q & A sessions
  • End with compelling conclusions


Use Your Voice to Support Your Messages

  • Use inflection to illustrate your points
  • Discover the importance of varying pace
  • Speak larger instead of louder
  • Implement the secret to powerful presentations

Implement Effective Body Language

  • Engage your listeners
  • Move with meaning and purpose
  • Work the room
  • Employ non-verbal cues that complement your presentations
  • Use your hands to support your message
  • Eliminate distractions


Hone Your Delivery

  • Deal with nerves and build confidence
  • Communicate clearly and powerfully
  • Have your audience eager to listen to you
  • Deliver greater impact and influence
  • Implement effective rehearsal techniques that bring everything together
  • Use slide decks to enrich and support your message
  • Have your audiences take action

How you and I work together


We schedule a series of eight 90-minute weekly sessions. They take place at either your location, my office in Providence, Rhode Island, or virtual.


In these sessions, you develop the three elements of a presentation that engage your listeners — message, voice, and body language.


When our sessions are completed, we continue our relationships. When you need ongoing support, I’m there for you.

Contact me now so you can stop struggling and instead enjoy greater success.