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Achieve More with the Five Fs with John Davis

You may ask yourself what a former stuntman, fight director, college professor, and motivational speaker can do for you. Ok, you’ll probably never ask yourself that question, but you do want to know the answer.


My guest in this episode, John Davis, speaks to companies all over the world, empowering their teams to awaken their “inner action hero” so they can achieve more. He does this using his Five-F approach, which hacks the fight or flight response.


In this episode

  • Learn the difference between a topic speaker and an Action Hero speaker
  • How to muster the courage to raise your speaking fee
  • Determine the value of slides (powerpoint etc.) in your presentation
  • Understand if comedy an important element of public speaking?
  • Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Use the Five Fs of Achievement to achieve more personal and professionally