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Bryan Rutberg

Want to Be More Persuasive? Do These Three Things with Bryan Rutberg

When you’re developing presentations, how much thought do you give to being persuasive? Any? Well, you should because just about every time you deliver a presentation, you’re attempting to persuade someone into buying what you’re selling, whether it’s a product or service or an idea, belief, proposition, or other concepts. So, if you want to be more persuasive when speaking, listen in as my guest, Bryan Rutberg, explains how you can make this a reality.


Bryan is the founder of 3C Communications and a business communications expert who helps leaders and their organizations figure out what they’re trying to say then say it well. He has helped create TED Talks and South by Southwest presentations and works with business and nonprofit professionals to communicate clearly, achieve their business objectives, and get more of what they want.



  • Discoverhree things you should do before your presentations
  • Learn if one is more important than the others
  • Is being persuasive manipulative
  • How you can tell if your persuasiveness is working?
  • In which environments being persuasive works
  • Hear examples of how this works and those where it hasn’t