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Use Your Voice to Captivate the Room with Tracy Goodwin

Is your voice helping you communicate with clarity? Is it helping you influence and persuade? Is it helping you significantly increase your financial success? Is it helping you connect with people, or is doing just the opposite.


If your voice is not doing what you needed to, or if you’re just not sure what it does, listening as Tracy Goodwin shares how to step into the power of your natural voice so you amplify your authority and captivate the room.



  • How Psychology of the Voice helps you connect with your listeners
  • What is a voice driver?
  • What is a voice mask and how does it limit your connection




About Tracy Goodwin

Tracy’s game-changing voice training teaches you how to captivate the room, no matter the message, the venue, or the size of your audience.


She has taught thousands of celebrities, professionals, and entrepreneurs like you how to use their voices to transform their lives and the lives of their listeners.


Her unique approach, Psychology of the Voice, gets to the core of limiting voice habits and transforms your voice from the inside out, getting you to the next level in your business and life.