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Understanding Confidence, Competence, Charisma, and Authenticity with Evelyne Brink

You might not be able to define it, but you certainly know when someone has it! What am I talking about? Confidence. Competence. Charisma. Authenticity. That certain something. That je ne sais quoi! Most of believe that those who have it were born with it. Well, if you believe that, then you want to listen is as my guest, Evelyne Brink, talks about these characteristics and how you can develop them.



  • Is confidence natural or learned
  • Charisma vs authenticity… which is more important
  • How to “just be yourself”
  • How develop these traits
  • What to do if you confidence has been beaten up
  • Being confident on video




About Evelyne Brink

Evelyne is all about “being you” but has made a living being someone else!


She’s a trained actress and musical performer, and has written, produced, and performed one-woman shows around the globe. And she was formally signed to Sony Music.


Now, a coach for more than 15 years, her clients have gained record deals with Universal Records, won awards, got jobs they never thought they could, connected with people they never thought they’d reach, and built relationships that are tremendously satisfying.