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The Benefits of Creating Your Own Events with Rich Brooks

When it comes to speaking at events, there are several ways that public speakers usually get the gigs …

  • They’re invited
  • They’re hired through speakers bureaus
  • They respond to a call for speakers
  • They make the connection through their own prospecting.


But there’s another way!


In this episode, Rich Brooks shares why it might make sense for you to produce your own event and, if you decide to do so, how to best navigate the process, including:

  • How and where to get started
  • How producing events requires focusing on the 3 S’s
  • How to determine which presentations should be keynotes and which should be breakouts
  • That having other speakers at your event boosts your credibility
  • How producing your own events differentiates you in the marketplace
  • Where to focus your energy


Resources for this episode: