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How to Use Speaking Skills to Elevate Your Leadership Skills with Simon Trevarthen

Leaders have the opportunity to effect change, to move people, to make a difference. And to do that, they need many skills, but one of them perhaps more than any other. Of course, it’s public speaking. As leaders, too many of us miss out on these opportunities because we don’t spend the necessary time building these skills, thinking of them as soft skills, as opposed to the power skills they actually are. In this episode, Simon Trevarthen shares ways that you can use these skills to better communicate with others, ultimately providing yourself with a greater chance for the success you’ve been striving for.



– 3 Keys to connecting with your listeners

– The 3 most powerful words in the English language

– Using the rightly-timed pause

– Delivering the powerful 3-minute presentations

– How to create and tell hi-def stories

– The reason to combine emotion with data

– Why butterflies are your friend

– How short sentences connect with your audience