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Facilitating Trainings – Be the Best of the Best with Tina Clements

Facilitating a seminar or workshop is indeed a form of public speaking. And just like any other kind of presenting, it requires its own set of skills.


When organizations look to hire an instructor, they often look for those who know the science of facilitation, but only hire those who know how to use the science in an artful way. This, my friend, is the secret recipe for the ideal and best of the best.


In this episode, Tina Clements shares this artful approach and how you can be the best of the best.



  • What makes a facilitator the best of the best
  • The truth about facilitating myths
  • Why some participants heckle
  • How to handle hecklers
  • How to handle participants’ fear
  • How to handle your fear




About Tina Clements

Tina is a high-energy, hands-on keynote speaker, author, coach, facilitator, contributor, and successful leader.


Before launching the BMW Group Joint Venture, The Retail Performance Company, in 2013, she worked for more than 10 years within BMW NA and has been in the Learning & Development industry since 1996.


Throughout her career, she has held leadership positions such as Vice President, Operations Manager, and Training Manager. Believing that a company’s success is directly related to the engagement of its people, she excels at moving businesses forward and motivating and growing talent.


Tina has worked with organizations such as HBO, Volkswagen, MINI, IBM, WVIP Radio/Cable Systems, and boutique firms such as automätik education.


Always challenging herself to improve and grow, she has earned numerous coaching and training certifications.