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Introverts Have an Advantage When Networking and Speaking with Matthew Pollard

When it rains on someone’s wedding day, they tell the bride that it’s a sign of a long and happy marriage. I don’t know how much brides believe this old wives tale, but perhaps it provides some solace when the weather on their important day isn’t exactly what they had hope for.


Likewise, people tell introverts that they have an edge when it comes to public speaking. Maybe this is to bolster their confidence; maybe there’s some truth to it. But in my case, anyway, as a proud, card-carrying introvert, I’ve found a great deal of comfort, if not relief, in this adage.


If you’re an introvert, listen to this episode because my guest, Matthew Pollard, is going to share how you can out-speak, out-sell, and out-network anyone.


And if you happen to be an extrovert, you want to tune in because there are plenty of ideas that you can use, too.


In this episode you learn:

  • Why so many introverts struggle with networking.
  • The number one networking mistake introverts make.
  • What introverts can do differently.
  • Why such a large percentage of excellent speakers are introverts.
  • The first action step an introverted can take to become a more effective speaker.


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