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Launch a Successful Speaking Career with Jane Atkinson

Are you just starting out on your speaking career? Are you a veteran speaker struggling to make the money you want to make? Are you reluctant to run your speaking career as a business? If you said yes to any of these, my guest, Jane Atkinson, has a lot in store for you.


Known as the Speaker Launcher, Jane is the author of the Wealthy Speaker 3.0, the founder of the Wealthy Speaker School, and the host of the Wealthy Speaker podcast. She packs thirty years of contacts, connections, and experience when developing speakers from newcomers to sought-after pros. Quite frankly, many people in the industry consider Jane to be the best in the business.



  • The commonality among speakers
  • Creating the Wealthy Speaker lifestyle
  • Not only changing lives but changing families’ lives
  • Gaining financial security
  • What chocolate cookie recipes have to do with making money
  • How mindset is a key ingredient in your success
  • The value of speaking vs the value of providing solutions
  • Getting paid what you’re worth
  • How consistency supplements mindset
  • The best form of marketing for speakers