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Have Your Customers Build Your Speaking Business With Jay Baer

We all know how beneficial word-of-mouth marketing is, yet only 1% of businesses have a word-of-mouth strategy. This is because many of us believe that being competent in our professions inspires people to talk about us and our businesses. Oh, if only this were true.


Jay Baer, Hall of Fame speaker and author of the best-selling “Talk Triggers,” explains how you can use talk triggers and other tactics to grow your speaking business.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of making an unconventional choice.
  • How you build word-of-mouth by making a decision to do something different consistently.
  • That competency does not create conversations.
  • Ideas that will help any business, including your speaking business.
  • How to differentiate yourself so meeting planners notice.
  • How speaking benefits your consulting career and vice versa.
  • The 3 things Jay would have done sooner.
  • Jay’s biggest suggestion that will help you grow your speaking business.


Jay is the one of fewer than 200 living members of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, and has also been inducted into the Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame. As a speaker, he has given hundreds of insightful, humorous presentations world-wide.


Jay founded and runs Convince & Convert, a digital strategy consulting firm and has been an advisor to more than 700 companies, including 34 of the FORTUNE 500.


He is the host of the popular Social Pros podcast, as well as the weekly Talk Triggers Show.


On top of all of this — and a lot more — Jay is a New York Times best-selling author of six books, including his latest, “Talk Triggers,” which he wrote with Daniel Lemin.


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