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Judy Rodman Voice Coach Expert

How to Save Your Successful Voice with Judy Rodman

If you’re like many speakers, when you talk about voice, you talk about using it to foster and support your messages. This might include inflection, rate, tone, and volume. But how much thought do you put into the health of your voice, and does it really even matter?


Listen in as my guest, Judy Rodman, sheds some light on how if you don’t take care of it, speaking can actually harm your voice. But don’t worry because she also has a load of tips on how you can keep your voice healthy and strong.



  • Who needs voice training
  • How long can you speak before you damage your voice or vocal cords?
  • Pulling vs pushing for power
  • Don’t speak from your diaphragm
  • How to warm up your throat
  • How are your eyes help you control your voice
  • Speak to one heart
  • How to prep before speaking
  • What to add to water to help your throat and voice
  • What you should have before speaking and what to avoid
  • Dispelling old wives tales