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Katja Schleicher public speaking coach

Are Keynotes Dead or Just Different with Katja Schleicher

Are keynotes dead? Not necessarily. Yet my guest, Katja Schleicher, explains how it’s time to put to rest the keynote as we know it. She believes today’s audiences are looking for a different engagement and delivery style. So, listen in and hear how you might change your perspective on what a keynote is and how you can offer it to your audiences.


Katja is a sought-after communications trainer and coach. She heads IMPACT! Communication Coaching, a pan-European training office focusing on communication coaching, media and public speaking training, and business storytelling. She helps managers, teams, women, and men improve their communicative impact in Public Speeches, conversations, and media interviews.



  • Why keynotes are dying
  • How things will be different in 2023
  • Are stories as important as everyone says?
  • Do we have a tendency to overrefine our stories?
  • Why do we put our audiences in the dark?
  • Why is interaction from a stage seen differently from interaction in a breakout?
  • Why your presentation should be like custom clothing
  • The part of your talk that provides the opportunity to be a moderator as well
  • How things might change when speaking in other countries
  • How to serve and assist meeting planners
  • The benefits of being easy to work with