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What Professional Actors Can Teach You About Using Stories in Your Presentations with Kerri Garbis

Where do you look to find great storytellers? As a speaker, it wouldn’t be unusual for you to look to other speakers — those who have become very adept at the art. But have you looked to actors? Think about it. Actors are in stories. And how they deliver their every word has an effect on how that story is consumed and interpreted.


With us today is Kerri Garbis. A professional actress since childhood, Kerri began her studies in voice and theater at The Baltimore School for the Arts before earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater from Syracuse University. As the CEO of Ovation, a communication skills training firm, Kerri has trained hundreds of business professionals on presentation skills, storytelling, etiquette, and emotional intelligence.



  • The advantages storytelling provides for speakers and their audiences
  • When to include stories in your presentations
  • How much to share in your stories
  • How to get help when searching for stories
  • The #1 thing you’re probably leaving out of your stories
  • The biggest mistake you make when telling stories