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What a Teacher Can Teach You About Public Speaking

When we think of public speakers, we might not include teachers, but we should. Teachers present more often than those in just about any other profession. They present to their major audience — their students — five days a week for three quarters of the year. On top of this, they often present in meetings — whether it’s school related or otherwise.


Tune in as Megan Sweet, a teacher and public speaker, shares what she learned through her experience and how you can hone your skills so you can be an impactful and inspiring public speaker.


In this episode

  • The value of speaking naturally
  • They’re not food guards
  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Staying calm
  • Finding your voice


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About Megan Sweet

Megan is an expert in leading community-driven education transformation in high-need schools and districts. With more than 25 years of experience in education, and 15 years directly leading changes in schools, districts, and statewide in California, she knows that education is the most important lever we have for creating a more equitable society. Megan also knows that the best way to realize true change is by supporting and empowering individuals to lead the changes they envision for their school communities.