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How a Speech Pathologist Can Help You Be a Better Communicator with Lenora Edwards

Have you ever thought about working with a speech pathologist? Well, neither have I … at least not since I worked with one in elementary school. But maybe it’s time to consider the idea. Listen in, and hear speech pathologist Lenora Edwards explain how working with a speech language pathologist can help improve communication and presenting skills — whether you’re speaking to one person across a desk, 12 people in a convergence room, or 1,000 people in an auditorium.



  • Why effective communication is crucial 
  • How speech therapy can benefit your communication and presentation skills in various scenarios
  • Discover the components of speech therapy that you can improve
  • How to reduce discomfort and improve confidence in speaking
  • The importance of vocal hygiene
  • Ways to care for vocal hygiene
  • The importance of taking care of your vocal cords
  • If you should be concerned with dialect and accent modification
  • How to practice in formal and informal settings