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Why Your Knowledge, Wisdom & Skills Is the New Currency with Mary Henderson

Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or an established one, what currency do you hold that you can convert beyond speaking? Do you have other opportunities that help you solve your clients’ and listeners’ problems, and how does your brand help you do that? My guest, Mary Henderson, is here to help you answer these questions and see what other opportunities are waiting for you to unpack and implement.


Mary is an internationally-recognized Personal Branding & Online Business Specialist. She has more than 20 years of experience building 7- and 8-figure businesses and high-performance sales teams in the IT sector. Mary helps experts systemize, digitalize, and commercialize their knowledge, wisdom, and skills into a scalable and profitable online business and brand so they become authorities in their industries.



  • How being a transformational leader matters now and in the future
  • The power of a pull strategy when it comes to your marketing and branding
  • The key word for your brand’s success
  • Using the currency you already possess