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Behind the Scenes Tips from an Event Organizer and TEDx Speaker with Sharyl West Loeung

You’ve booked a gig. That’s great! But booking a gig and writing and rehearsing your talk is only part of your preparation. There is a whole lot more to be done. As an experienced speaker, coach, and event organizer, my guest, Sharyl West Loeung, shares with you the relationship between the speaker and the event organizer. By asking good questions and thinking ahead, she says, you show up not just with an excellent speech but in excellence.


Here’s a little bit about Sharyl. She is a speaker, producer, educator, and social entrepreneur who loves helping people discover belonging in our diverse world. She is also the co-founder of Kardia House Consulting, which focuses on the mindful reframing of difficult conversations by practicing generous communication. Sharyl gave her first speech in the 5th grade a hasn’t stopped since. 



  • The value of seeing public speaking from various perspectives
  • Pros and cons of Tedx Talks
  • Ref flags that indicate speakers may not be ready for their events
  • What makes some speakers more coachable than others
  • The red flags you want to look for as a speaker
  • Getting invited back
  • An age-old way to connect that still works
  • How to be that dream speaker