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How Speaking Helps Authors Sell More Books with Stephanie Chandler

If you’re a published author, then you know that, at one time or another, you may be asked to speak in public. This could be at a small gathering of fans; it could be at a conference. But no matter where you speak, you want to present yourself and your book well.


My guest for this episode of Public Speaking with Peter George is Stephanie Chandler. She shares with you the numerous benefits of speaking and how you can get more opportunities to speak in front of your target audiences. As a result, you’ll sell more books!



  • Why you will be asked to speak
  • The benefits of accepting invitations to speak
  • Whether you should take the initiative to create a speaking tour
  • The truth about book signings
  • Where you can speak
  • The first thing you should do when speaking in public for the first time