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Susan Murphy voice coach

Elevate Your Voice to Elevate Your Career with Susan Murphy

When it comes to connecting with your audience, how important are the pitch and tone of your voice? Are they serving you well, or are they undermining your success? In this episode, you learn from voice coach Susan Murphy why your voice matters, how it may be holding you back from truly connecting with your audience, and how you can find your authentic voice.


Susan’s career has spanned more than 40 years and includes a variety of positions that all required a voice that connected with her listeners. She has been a radio news director, TV news reporter and “weather girl” (back when they called them that!), a radio talk show host and producer, a Public Television producer and on-air personality, a college dean and instructor, a voice-over artist, and now a broadcast voice coach.



  • Why your voice matters
  • What’s more important, voice or picture?
  • Why speakers are not focusing on their voice
  • How you could benefit from a voice coach
  • How your voice may be holding you back
  • Why you may have a voice that is not authentic
  • How to find your authentic voice
  • Why connecting with your audience matters