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Being Driven Can Overcome Many Challenges With Suzanne Evans

Is being a speaker one of your goals? You’ll want to listen to Suzanne Evans, president of Driven, Inc., share your experience and advice to up-and-coming and established speakers alike.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How speaking allows you to connect in ways social media does not.
  • How speaking builds trust.
  • The value of speaking when it comes to gaining visibility.
  • Why optimism is a must for speakers.
  • Why preparation is essential.
  • Where speakers should spend their time.
  • How to get free tickets to Suzanne’s Build Your Speaking Biz Bootcamp


Suzanne is the president of Driven, Inc., where they use simple numbers and straight talk to help you start, scale, and skyrocket your business.


She is a mom, wife, sister, entrepreneur, and risk taker. Her work blends business, strategy, lifestyle, and storytelling in a way that allows people to build businesses that shape the world to be a better place. The process of momship and business ownership and life has been a delicious mix of messy, exhilarating, devastating, and exciting moments. Along the way we have gotten some of it right, hitting the Inc 500/5000 for five straight years and landing #5 on the NY Times Bestseller List. We’ve also messed a lot of things up. It positions us perfectly to help more good people do more good work in the world.


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