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How to Stay on Track While Delivering an Emotional Message with Tricia Roos

Do you find public speaking to be mentally and physically exhausting? I know I do. After I speak, I’m happy to go to my hotel room and relax for a while. And I speak about public speaking!

How draining is it for those speakers — and maybe you’re one of them — who speak about topics and experiences that carry a great deal of emotional weight? How do you keep your emotions in check?


Well, Tricia Roos is with us today to help answer these and other questions. Tricia built a winning career in sports and high school admissions but found her greatest victory in loss. 


Author of When Wishes Change, she now makes her living by speaking about her baby daughter, who died shortly after birth.


Listen in as she shares how she learned to make her presentations powerful and genuine while ensuring that she doesn’t break down in tears due to the emotion attached to her story.



  • The importance of preparation
  • How to be professional while including the emotion of your story
  • How to deal with your audiences’ reactions to your story
  • How to deal with the weight you carry before, during, and after your talk