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Madonna Hanna

How Vocal Variety Adds Color to Your Presentations with Madonna Hanna

Richard Strauss once said, “The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play.” How well do you play this wonderful gift you have?


Do you vary your pace? Do you alter your pitch? How about your tone and volume?


If you’re not sure you’re including enough vocal variety or if you’re using it to its greatest advantage, listen in as Madonna Hanna shares tips and ideas that will add color to your presentations, making them more engaging and compelling.



– How practice helps develop your vocal variety.

– Why you should include vocal variety in your presentations

– How to develop vocal variety

– Exercises do you have for practicing the elements of vocal variety

– Why it’s important to record practices




About Madonna Hanna

Madonna was the only African-American student in her elementary school class and one of only 8 African Americans in her graduating high school class.


Despite her creativity and talent, she faced bullying, racial prejudice, and isolation at school.


As an adult, Madonna was recruited into a prestigious retail management/ executive training program in one of the largest department stores in New England. She also worked at the corporate headquarters of a national women’s apparel manufacturing corporation.


Later, Madonna embarked on a 32-year career, teaching Fashion Marketing in Washington State. There, she developed numerous anti-bullying programs, and was recognized for excellence in teaching at the state and national level!


As a motivational speaker, Madonna is committed to preventing bullying in schools and promoting an active second act.


She is also a member of Toastmasters International where she participates in international speech contests.


Her goal is to utilize her skills, talents, and experiences to assist others in achieving their goals and dreams while building their self-esteem.