erica hunt

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him”


“Working with Peter was so rewarding! He is experienced, patient, and professional. He takes the time to understand your challenges and goals and adapts his framework to your needs. The skills I learned from Peter can be applied to so many aspects of my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with him.”


– Erica Hunt, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Mohegan Sun



Kathryn Magnoli NESAE testimonial about Peter George

“I highly recommend you have Peter speak at your next event.”


“Peter George was a phenomenal asset to our Annual Conference. His talk was incredibly engaging. He provided many tangible takeaways and connected with our attendees in a truly impressive way. Anyone, regardless of industry, job role, or level of experience, would benefit from Peter’s content. I highly recommend you have Peter speak at your next event.”


– Kathryn Magnoli, Executive Director, New England Society of Association Executives



marcelino de santiago hope global

“Three aspects of Peter’s coaching were especially remarkable to me.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Peter George to continue to develop my public speaking skills. As the President and Chief Operating Officer for a Rhode Island-based company, I am often called upon to speak on a variety of topics to audiences of an array of sizes. I decided to take Peter’s Public Speaking Master Course to refine my presentation abilities.


Three aspects of Peter’s coaching were especially remarkable to me. First, Peter has a clarity of communication that makes it easy to develop as a speaker. The objectives he identifies, the techniques he employs, and the targeted feedback he provides all reflect an underlying straightforwardness. His goal is not to make you a salesman on the stage. Instead, he emphasizes the central importance of the audience, and of the critical role practice plays in solidifying your speaking skills.


Second, Peter understands the importance of building confidence in your own message, presence, and on-stage personality. As a result of his approach, I learned to trust my own instincts. I know that I can continue to turn to Peter as a resource to support me in future challenges, as well.


Finally, Peter has the right set of characteristics that make him an excellent coach. He is humble, easy to relate to, and understands what it is like to make a presentation for the first time or 100th time. His candor and honesty can help anyone advance their presentation and speaking skills.”


– Marc De Santiago, President, Hope Global



cezary michalczuk international prosecutor

“Thank you, Peter!”


“For a long time, I had been helplessly looking for a public speaking coach that would assist me within my work as an advocate before international tribunals, and then I found Peter.


For a few weeks, we explored together various methods and strategies concerning the art of trial advocacy. During that time, I learned how to express myself better and more clearly, how to be conscious in front of professional audiences, how to create the aura of competence and to be more persuasive in the courtroom. The notes that I took for myself after each of our sessions with Peter serve me as a great tool that I frequently use before my court appearances. Thank you, Peter!”


– Cezary Michalczuk, International Prosecutor, The International Criminal Court



college speakers high school

“Always very enlightening.”


“It is always very enlightening and informative when I attend a presentation given by Peter. I have heard him speak several times and always continue to learn new tips to make me a better communicator.  I appreciate him presenting to our entrepreneurs so that they can excel at promoting their businesses.”


– Beth Carter, Executive DirectorRhode Island Business Competition



lauren langton bni

“Peter can help you achieve things you never thought possible.”


“Peter is a first-class public speaking coach. He has full command of his craft and an endless bag of tricks to teach them to you. There is not a challenge a speaker could have that Peter can not assist with. I have been on the receiving end of Peter’s coaching and cannot adequately express how much he has helped me improve my public speaking ability. No matter your current ability, Peter can help you achieve things you never thought possible.”


– Lauren Langton, Executive DirectorBNI



samba walker eforall testimonial for peter george

“Directly enhance their personal and professional status.”


“Confidence building is a huge part of our business accelerator curriculum, and Peter George is our secret weapon. He spends hours with our students, preparing them to present their business plans in front of a large audience. Many of them have never done any type of public speaking. Peter teaches them everything — lighting, posture, backdrops, sound, speech etiquette, everything! He does this through his role-playing with relatable experiences. These skills directly enhance their personal and professional status. They leave class with every question answered, every insecurity eliminated, and every ounce of self-confidence enlightened. We are very lucky to experience Peter’s time, patience, wisdom, expertise, and encouragement.”


– Samia Walker, DirectorEforAll



high schools college speakers

“Speaking to you and you only.”


“I had the pleasure of having Peter speak at my organization’s inaugural conference. The attendees’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive! He did a fantastic job — engaging and imparting his wisdom to the audience. I found myself taking his many tips, too. Peter has the incredible ability to make it feel as if he is speaking to you and you only — even if there are a thousand other people present.”


– Sahana Kaur, Executive DirectorYouth Empowerment For All Conference




“Takes you to the next level.”


“Peter is one of the most motivated individuals I know. When he takes on the task of helping you achieve a goal in your business, such as being a great public speaker, he puts in the work that takes you to the next level. Do you want results? Then hire Peter.”


– Steve Medeiros, RealtorPresident, Massachusetts Association of Realtors




“Put your success in his hands.”


“I used to think that presenting to groups meant talking about what you know, for whatever time you were allotted. However, Peter taught me that there is much more to being a persuasive public speaker. During our coaching sessions, I learned the most effective ways to develop presentations. I learned the importance of body language, including conveying confidence, moving with purpose, and gesturing with impact. I discovered how to use voice inflection, including the proper implementation of rhythm, pitch, and pauses. Through his coaching, Peter has provided me with the tools I need to be not just a competent speaker but an extraordinary one. I can now engage my audiences from the time I walk on stage until I deliver a compelling conclusion. Whether you are looking to improve your skills for presentations in the boardroom, talks at conferences, or just want to be more confident in your public speaking abilities, I highly recommend that you work with Peter. Put your success in his hands, and you won’t be disappointed.”


– Eric Daddario, Youth Motivational Speaker




“Consult with Peter before you deliver any meaningful presentation.”


“When preparing for an important presentation, I wanted to be sure I had the best opportunity to engage my audience. By working with Peter, I was able to develop and refine my message, my voice, my body language, and what I wanted the audience to take away with them. All of this provided me with the ability to confidently connect with the audience and effectively articulate my ideas. Whether you are an experienced speaker or fairly new to delivering talks, I highly recommend you consult with Peter before you deliver any meaningful presentation.”


– Jim Mullowney, CEOPharma-Cycle



stephen boyle Providence Workforce Development

“I strongly recommend working with Peter if you want to be a highly effective presenter.”


“There is a vast difference between knowing your job and being able to convey that knowledge in an effective, compelling manner. Peter helps his clients fine-tune their presentations, confidently connect with their audiences, and consistently accomplish their objectives. I strongly recommend working with Peter if you want to be a highly effective presenter.”


– Stephen C. BoyleProvidence Workforce Development




“Move toward success.”


“Peter is giving people the power to move toward the success you have always striven to achieve.”


– Dr. Ivan MisnerFounder of BNI & New York Times Bestselling Author




“Truly blown away by the effort and commitment.”


“Peter is absolutely amazing! He has so much knowledge in public speaking. He’s helped me so much in the last month with achieving my goals. Truly blown away by the effort and commitment Peter gives his clients. This man cares and wants to see you succeed. Thank you so much, Peter! Looking forward to working with you again soon!”


– Michael Misurelli, President, Scalpmasters




“Learned more practical and useful information.”


“Wow! I learned more practical and useful information in your training than I did in two semesters of communications classes in college.”


– Tom Campbell, President, East Computing



testimonials about public speaking coach

“Peter has given me the tools and confidence I need.”


“Before meeting with Peter, I had some speaking experience/knowledge, and I was fairly confident speaking in front of larger audiences. However, after working with him, I quickly learned that there was so much I didn’t even realize I could improve on — things like body language, voice inflections, pausing, and more! I’ve also learned how to powerfully master the opening and closing of a presentation — the most important parts! Peter has given me the tools and confidence I need to connect with and deliver my message to any size audience. Now I can’t wait for every chance to get out on a stage and share!”


– Bethany DiPetrillo, President, Raise the Bar Nutrition



jason smith cpa

“Absolutely knocked the cover off the ball!”


“Peter absolutely knocked the cover off the ball! He had the audience hanging on his every word. I’m not sure I’ve seen a better presentation in the seven years I’ve been in the organization!”


– Jason Smith, Jason E. Smith, CPA



testimonials about public speaking coach

“A friendly collaboration with a skilled professional.”


“Peter’s ability to connect with his clients on a personal and empathic level changes what might be thought of as a dreary task into a friendly collaboration with a skilled professional — and everyone benefits in the end. As a public speaking coach, his extensive experience, acuity, and perception allow him to see things you may have never considered, which makes for a markedly improved delivery of your key ideas. Peter’s anecdotal and engaging teaching style is well-suited to subtly imparting key bits of wisdom and professional insight that he’s garnered over the years. For those looking to refine your message, voice, and body language, and in doing so, better captivate and influence your audience, I highly recommend that you retain Peter’s services.”


– Sam Birger, President, Nomenon



college and high school speakers

“More confidence to speak in front of a group.”


“I’m so happy to learn from you! Your lesson about presentation and public speaking is exactly what we need. As an international student, English is not my first language, so sometimes I need more confidence to speak in front of a group. Your suggestions are really useful to me!”


– Mu He, Haidian District, Beijing, China, Graduate Student, Boston University



rosemarie borengasser rts embroidery

“An eye-opening training!”


“What an eye-opening training! I never knew how much I didn’t know about effectively presenting to my prospects and clients. He is patient, humorous, and encouraging and instills confidence in his clients. I will implement Peter’s ideas and techniques immediately.”


– Rosemarie Borengasser, RTS Embroidery



steve mason photography

“The consummate trainer.”


“The consummate trainer, Peter knows his stuff — up, down, sideways, and inside out.”


– Steve Mason, Steve Mason Photography




“The experience was entertaining and interactive.”


“I strongly suggest that business professionals attend Peter’s workshops. The experience was entertaining and interactive, and what you learn there can be implemented immediately. The bottom line is that Peter has helped us by a substantial amount. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”


– Bob Losekamp, Robert Charles Gallery




“Designed a training to fit our specific needs.”


“We are always looking for meaningful ways to help our customers grow their businesses. The answer was a presentation designed specifically for them. I realized that the presentation would have to be a strong one in order to enhance our customer’s creativity and hold their interest. We met with Peter, discussed key points, and jointly designed a presentation to fit our specific needs. What a success! Our customers were thrilled with Peter’s content — so much so that they are asking when he will be back!”


– Cheryl Boyd, Arnold Lumber



chris sanford puroclean

“Ideas and inspiration”


“Peter has the ideas and inspiration to help keep busy professionals on track.”


– Chris Sanford, PuroClean



testimonials about public speaking coach

“You feel as though he already knows you.”


“Peter is so extremely knowledgeable and insightful that you feel as though he already knows you. I have already recommended him to several people and will continue to do so. If you are considering him for any of his talents, rest assured, you will be so fulfilled, that you will give him a glowing recommendation as well.”


– Emily Linback, eWomenNetwork




“You and your career will benefit.”


“I have seen Peter speak several times at both speaking engagements and in trainings. His presentations are informative, entertaining, and eye-opening. I suggest you attend Peter’s events. You and your career will benefit.”


– Cindy Wilson, Isagenix




“Connect with people and build your business.”


“Peter has a no-nonsense approach to generating sales. He shows you how to present yourself in powerful ways that connect with people and build your business.”


– Jean Allard, SRES, Keystone Real Estate Group




“Feel more confident when speaking in front of others.”


“Writing a recommendation for Peter is difficult, as there are so many great things that I want to say. I have worked with Peter in a variety of different situations and always walk away a better person than I was when the process started. Peter has a gift for seeing things with a completely different lens. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, but he will always tell you what you need to hear. Peter has the ability to help you feel more confident when speaking in front of others. He gives support but also pushes you to reach beyond your comfort zone, achieving a level you might not have thought possible.”


– Jennifer Faria, Methodology Director, Enterprise PMO, Citizens Financial Group



“Easy-to-understand-and-implement ideas.”


“Peter is always very informative and helps the participants by breaking things down into easy-to-understand-and-implement ideas.”


– Merridythe Rogers, Starkweather & Shepley Insurance




“Dynamic, exciting, and enthusiastic.”


“Peter is an excellent speaker and trainer. He is dynamic, exciting, and enthusiastic. I am looking forward to working with him again.”


– Vincent DiMonte, Esq




“Beneficial and eye-opening.”


“I always find Peter’s workshops to be extremely beneficial and eye-opening. I am already looking forward to the next training.”


– Melody Gamba, Award-winning Choreographer




“Kept me captivated throughout each presentation.”


“When it comes to storytelling, Peter captures your full attention. Recently, I had the privilege of listening to his presentation … twice! The second time around, it was just as good as the first. Instantly, after he expressed a few words with poise and a seemingly-extemporaneous delivery, my mind prepared for an outstanding speech. The talk was so uplifting and positive that I was truly grateful for his time and effort. Peter is an excellent speaker with amazing stories. He kept me captivated throughout each presentation. If you want an amazing and inspirational speaker, I highly recommend Peter.”


– Luis Garcia, Suvren Design



top college speaker

“Changed the way I think about public speaking.”


“Your presentation changed the way I think about public speaking. I know it will take practice, but I look forward to implementing and mastering your suggested techniques. Thank you for your time and insights!”


– Sarah Dasher, Graduate Student, Boston University




“Informative and compelling.”


“Peter does an awesome job of keeping our trainings informative and compelling. I am looking forward to more trainings with him.”


– Jessica Williams, Herbalife






Simply stated, Peter is phenomenal!”


– Deborah Viveiros, Vice President of Small Business Banking, Webster Bank



“Helped me more than I can say.”


“I will admit that I went to the training thinking it will not help me in any way and that I should be staying at work. But this was so much more than I could have imagined. Peter, you helped me more than I can say. Thank you so much. You inspire me. I hope one day I can speak in front of others the way you do!”


– Tami Reis, John Andrade Insurance




“Informative and dynamic.”


“Peter is informative and dynamic. I’ve learned more from his presentations than any other I’ve attended.”


– Tracy McCarthy, NASE



“Super engaging!”


“Peter is super engaging! He provides succinct information that makes a huge impact! He was able to convey so much in a short time, and I really feel that I can remember and put into practice everything th he talked about.”


– Jessica Delmonico, Cullen Real Estate and Appraisal




“Keep the pipeline full.”


“Peter’s presentation was geared to my clients. He gave them insight to some of the things they can do to help consistently keep the pipeline full.”


– Don Hamel, Anderson Windows






“Peter’s training was focused and beneficial. His ability to hold one’s attention is unparalleled!”


– David Dolbashian, Esq., Law Offices of David M. Dolbashian



“Help you communicate more effectively.”


“At Peter’s presentations, you get a great mix of stories, facts, and solutions, all designed to help you communicate more effectively with your clients and prospects.”


– Kevin McCarthy, AFLAC




“I appreciate his dedication and concern for our success.”


“Peter delivered a wonderful training, aimed at helping us to succeed. I find him to be knowledgeable and well prepared. I appreciate his dedication and concern for our success.”


– Leslie Sepe, Nerium International



“Truly cares about your success.”


“Most people talk about theories, but Peter helps his clients understand what actually works in today’s marketplace and how they can effectively put those concepts into practice. Peter has helped many people, and they have all been the richer for knowing him. Peter is an expert in his field but, he goes beyond that. How many business people can you say truly care about your success and will go above and beyond to help you attain it?”


– Thomas Schmitt, Thomas Schmitt Financial




“Consistently excellent.”

“The feedback we receive from our members about Peter’s presentations is consistently excellent. We are looking forward to scheduling more events.”


– Lauren Slocum, President/CEO, Central Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce

“Keeps it lively and fun.”

“I enjoyed Peter’s training. He keeps it lively and fun. I learned some great ideas and techniques that will help my success.”


– Mike Auger, Patriot Property Inspection

“One of the few.”

“Peter is one of the few facilitators who has been able to captivate me. I truly feel inspired!”


– Michelle Richard, RE/MAX South County

“A top-notch professional.”

“Peter is a top-notch professional. Well-spoken, interesting, and funny. I highly recommend him for both individual and group trainings.”


– Tony Giruzzi, Coordinator of Network Support, Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association

“Anyone in business can benefit from his services.”

“Peter is an exceptional trainer because he knows his field and can help others learn how to attract more clients. His expertise is unmatched in my experience. Peter brings enthusiasm, knowledge, and results to every endeavor he undertakes. I truly believe that anyone in business can benefit from his services. I highly recommend Peter for your coaching needs.”


– Marc Creedon, Creative Director, Marc Creedon Multimedia

“Informative and interesting.”


“Peter was very informative and made the class interesting. I am looking forward to attending more of his presentations.”


– Diane Langton, Ruggieri Flooring



“Very interactive training.”


“Peter did a brilliant job, using real-life experiences that easily applied to his lessons. He also made sure to include every person in the training group, making for a very interactive training.”


– Lauren Vernancio, Motorhead Magazine



“A huge motivation.”


“Peter, I loved your presentation. Not only were you super informative with different techniques to help with public speaking, but you were also a huge motivation to keep going with this career. A few days back, I had thought to myself about how I would be leaving Johnson & Wales soon. I had pondered what I was going to do/ wanted to do after college. I want to build my own business. I just can tell that’s where I would shine the most. Thank you once again.”


– Kristina D’Onofrio, Johnson & Wales University



“Peter was relatable, very informative, and supportive.”


“Peter did an amazing job! The training was structured in a very accessible and integrative way. I truly appreciate the fact that Peter was relatable, very informative, and supportive.”


– Laura Johnson, LMT