Public Speaking in a Virtual Setting

Begins August 10

At first, it wasn’t a big deal


As the marketplace becomes more competitive than it has been in years, you will need to consistently display a high level of professionalism on Zoom. If you do it well, you will have better opportunities, while those who aren’t as adept in virtual settings will struggle.


When we first turned to Zoom, everyone cut each other some slack for two reasons. First, only a relatively few were familiar with the platform, meaning there was a learning curve for the others. Second, most of us expected we would be meeting like this for only a short while.


Times have quickly changed


Times — and expectations — have changed. Now, Zoom meetings are part of your life. You can’t escape them. Because of this, you need to be as professional on Zoom as you are in face-to-face meetings. Even if you decide that you won’t want to use Zoom in the future, your business associates may want to meet this way. Your clients and prospects may want to meet this way.


Zoom + public speaking = competitive edge


Since the odds are that you will be using Zoom ongoing, this is your opportunity to gain an edge on your competition. And not only will you be learning Zoom best practices, but also you will learn public speaking best practices. By combining these two subjects, you will have capabilities that others do not.


What you’ll learn


  • How to impelement Zoom best practices, including
    • Having a positive and professional presence on Zoom
    • Understanding how you are being perceived by others
    • Engaging the others in the meeting
    • Using effective lighting
    • Selecting a proper background
    • Being heard
    • Positioning your computer
    • Sharing your screen
    • Keeping a positive mindset
    • Dealing with Zoom-itis
  • How to avoid the common mistakes everyone is making on Zoom
  • How to make small adjustments that increase your level of professionalism
  • Public speaking skills that you can use on Zoom and anywhere else you speak in front of others
  • How to better convey on screen and in person your information, ideas, and objectives


When and where


6-session virtual training

Second and fourth Mondays of August, September, and October

12:00 – 12:30 pm eastern


These short meetings have two benefits.

  1. They are less demanding of your time.
  2. You learn in short bursts, making it easier for you to comprehend the material and put it into practice.


Your investment


$99 per month

Contact me now so you can stop struggling and be as professional on Zoom as you are in person.

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