Sales Presentation Training for Sales Teams

Have your sales team consistently close more sales and beat its quotas


Your confidence, pride, and even your job depend on having a consistently high closing ratio. A sales presentation isn’t the opportunity to impress people with your knowledge; it’s the opportunity demonstrate that you can solve your prospect’s problem or needs. This is where having strong sales presentation skills is vital.


Being able to clearly deliver presentations in front of prospects and clients is a key ingredient for your success. If you’re like all-too-many salespeople, however, your sales presentations are just data dumps that bore, frustrate, and maybe even infuriate the decision makers. As a result, your closing ration is too low, you miss quotas, and lose confidence.

increase sales and profit margins

Outsell your competition with superior sales presentation skills!


Delivering sales presentations that resonate with decision makers makes all the difference. It separates you from your competition. It demonstrates that you listen to your prospects and understand their problems, needs, and/or desires. It increases your closing ratio, shortens sales cycles, and provides you with greater confidence.

In this training, discover how to

  • Develop sales presentations that address the needs of your prospects.
  • Persuade decision makers.
  • Deliver presentations that close more sales.

How you benefit from delivering more impactful sales presentations

  • Increase sales.
  • Raise commissions.
  • Develop stronger relationships with your clients.
  • Decrease sales cycles.
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How we work together

  1. We begin with a 1-hour general session with the group.
  2. Then each participant has a 1-hour laser-focused one-on-one session with me.
  3. There is periodic follow-up, ensuring that each member of your team is able to best implement the techniques and ideas they’ve learned. It also provides them with the opportunity to ask for assistance on particular points.

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