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One Full Year of Unlimited Public Speaking Coaching – Seriously!


With my Unlimited Public Speaking Coaching Program, you get One Full Year of Unlimited Coaching zoom sessions that systematically help you be a more confident public speaker.


If you’re not ready for my more intense public speaking coaching, this is the perfect option for you!

Here’s how it works


1. You get 4 quarterly 45-Minute Training Sessions where we go deeper into the art and science of public speaking and presentation skills.


2. Unlimited 20-Minute Focus Sessions where you learn the finer points of being an engaging and confident speaker.


3. You will learn all three components of an engaging talk — message, voice, body language. Not only do you understand how to deliver your messages with confidence, but you also learn the art of developing presentations that positively resonate with your audience.


4. After each of your 20-Minute Focus Sessions, you

    1. Receive a recording of your session
    2. Complete your Fieldwork
    3. Book your next session


5. All sessions are on Zoom

Next steps

Simply call 401-742-1231 to register for the Public Speaking Gym Coaching Program for ONE FULL YEAR for the one-time payment of only $979 (less than $82/month).


Registration is easy, and you are protected by my “Public Speaking Gym” Guarantee which says that during your first call if you don’t feel like this is the right fit for you, your money will be immediately refunded.



Schedule your first coaching session.


Your first coaching session is 45 minutes long. On that call, we will establish where you are as a speaker and set a course so we can systematically move forward. We will then agree on your first homework assignment so that you can start your progress. At the end of each call, you will get a recording of your session, confirmation of your homework, and a link for your next coaching call.



Do your homework and schedule your next session!


Your homework is the set of tasks that you and I agree on. And when you’ve completed those tasks, you can schedule your next 20-minute laser coaching call. Some clients complete their homework and schedule their next call that very same day!

Call me now 401-742-1231 and get started with your UNLIMITED Public Speaking Training Sessions!

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