Zoom Meetings Are Here to Stay

Get Your Advantage With This Zoom Training

Now that companies have experienced virtual meetings, many see the benefits of having their employees meet this way. But creating productive virtual meetings is not as easy as everyone merely clicking on a Zoom link.


A meeting is a meeting, right?


Not necessarily. Many people are trying to run their virtual meetings as they did when everyone met together in person. It’s not the same! When your teams run virtual meetings, it’s even more likely that people will check out.


Much is at stake


Once people check out of meetings, much can be lost. For your team members, their professionalism, credibility, and promotability are on the line. For companies and departments, their bottom lines are at risk.

Provide your team members with the greatest opportunity to succeed


To be as successful as possible, your employees need the proper training on this new platform.


How they present themselves while speaking —  and while listening — matters. How they are perceived has a direct bearing on their success. For instance:

  • Do their coworkers see them as a professional?
  • Are they perceived as being credible?
  • Are their actions online adding to or detracting from their promotability?
  • Are they seen as a leader?
  • Can they distinguish themselves in a virtual world?

Included in this Zoom training

  • Understand how others perceive you and that your image matters
  • Learn how to create effective lighting
  • Select a proper background
  • Discover the various mic options that help you be heard clearly
  • See how to best position your computer
  • How to keep a positive mindset about virtual meetings and stay engaged

Here’s how you and your teams benefit

  • Meetings are efficient and productive
  • Higher levels of engagement
  • New team members establish credibility with others
  • Team members maintain their levels of professionalism
  • Team members are more impressive when communicating to those outside the company, including clients and prospects
  • You advance while competitors struggle
  • You attract higher talent
  • You team, department, and company sustain your impressive reputations

How we work together

Current employees


We schedule training(s) on Zoom for up to 100 employees at a time. Additional customized trainings can be scheduled for those facilitating meetings.

Onboarding employees


As employees are hired, they can be trained individually or in groups up to 100. We establish a retainer for this service.

Position your company and its employees for success!